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What's Required of Me to Teach Kindermusik?

In order to teach, you must first become a licensed Kindermusik educator by successfully passing a 15-week training course, called “Fundamentals of Kindermusik”, under Kindermusik University. To achieve your certification, you must:

  • Apply for and successfully pass the screening, audition and interview process which will include a brief musical assessment to test vocal, movement and rhythmic aptitude.
  • Satisfactorily complete required readings, postings, and quizzes online via Kindermusik University.
  • Satisfactorily attend and complete required meetings through Kindermusik University to learn and develop teaching skills and techniques necessary for delivering licensed Kindermusik classes.
  • Satisfactorily complete a prescribed teaching practicum, demonstrating practical competency to effectively lead a group of real children and their families through joyful music-making and learning the Kindermusik way.
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What's Required of Me to Teach Kindermusik?

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